Welcome to Sassy Momma's Blog

Welcome to Sassy Mommy's Blog

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Support & Coffee

All you need is Support n coffee to have a kick-ass day! 
Getting a new bra can be an extremely critical experience.
Good support makes a happy Momma!

Wish me luck cause I'm trying this thing out!.... very funny....No different size. I only wish that's what I look like. There's much more of me to love. Ha-ha

But really I think these look like they will be nice. It's not an easy thing to find the perfect bra. What I really liked about Third-Love is, they take you through question trying to help you get the type of Bra you like. they also don't charge your card for 30 days.

There is nothing my sacred and holy in woman's wear than to love your bra. I know it sounds like an oxi-moron to say love and bra in the same sentence. I'll let you know what I think.

Where most people wait for their 💰tax returns to get them into a new 🔑car I invest in a new 👙bra!.💸..👊..👀 ..is that weird?... I'm also thinking I want a new Espresso Machine😋

Drink good Coffee and great support-
the beginning necessities of a perfect day.

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