Welcome to Sassy Momma's Blog

Welcome to Sassy Mommy's Blog

Friday, February 3, 2017

Welcome to Sassy Mommy's Blog

  Hi, my names Sarah, I'm a coffee addict. I would definitely have to join "AA" to take coffee out of my diet-wait a minute coffee is my diet! I'm starting my own support group. Join. It will be fun. 
I'm a thirty-something Mom of seven kids. Yup, that's right, Seven!
Being a single parent means double the challenge!  ..….I know right!
Some days are so rewarding.... Some are a little bit shitty. 
One day I love the heck out of my kids..... The next, I'm ready to strangle one! There are times I look at their beautiful faces and wonder "How did I ever live without you?" Seconds later wondering, "what the hell was I thinking?" 
There are days I just want to pull the covers over my head wishing I was a teenager again. How do I manage to stay sane?.... I ask myself that every day. 
Wait for it…. Wait for it....
....I really don't. 
If you can’t beat em, join em! 
Live-It-up.....Okay, sometimes. 
Other time's I run into my bedroom, 
lock the door, and begin frantically trying to remember my last hiding place.- Hoping the Kid's hadn't found my chocolate stash.

I put my ear plugs to muffle the sound and take five. While they yell, fight and pound on the door. Sometimes I run over to the neighbors so I can pee in peace. Tell no one. I only go right after the neighbor’s big white van pulls out the driveway. (She has a thirteen-perfectly mannered Mormon kid's, she would never understand)..... Can’t decide if its kids or neighbors I should fear most if caught....

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