Welcome to Sassy Momma's Blog

Welcome to Sassy Mommy's Blog

Monday, February 6, 2017

I don't lose my shit

 Don't judge me, I can't help it if Monday I have to have twice the daily limit.
I'll have you know We coffee drinkers are really drinking coffee for others. Seriously, it's true! We are being extremely selfless. Try what our day would be like to others if we didn't have our coffee!

My Kids know the drill even my 6-year-old will wake me up with a steaming aroma of the delicious yummy cup of sanity.

I mean seriously, what was this person thinking----
I never lose my shit! I mean, why would I do that?
There's nothing to lose, my shit about! I have it all, three teenagers with newly discovered emotions that flip back and forth like hot cakes. They are the perfect little angels when they're sleeping, I mean they sleep anywhere from six to eight hours- that's the best part of my day, why would I ever lose my shit.

When your 15-year old says "Mom don't let what my sister just yelled bother you, it's just a stage." --- said the world's sweetest teenager.

Don't you just hate it when you see yourself in your kids? Try getting after yourself 20 years ago! - Really! Why couldn't they have taken the good things in you and expound upon that! Nope, they have to emphasize the things that nearly caused your own mom to "Lose her shit!"

My poor teenagers have the hardest life ever! I make them take responsibility for cleaning up after their selves, I mean talk about a hard life!

How is it that you can love them so much but want to pull your hair out at the same time- Weird!
... Anyways, back to the topic that we were on before I started rambling.... Heck no, I DON'T LOSE MY SHIT!

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